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Charlotte Bobcats vs Miami Heat, Game 4 diss rap

Grant Halverson


Indubitably, it's time for Kemba to bring it ruthlessly
And we're sick of LeBron's face stuck to incredulity
The Cats are down but this ain't no eulogy
Everyone outside of the Big Three is poo to me

Ray Allen's a liability, we can't believe you don't see this lunacy
Rashard didn't go to college, your fans hope it's not too late to call truancy
And Bosh has been crap but because he yells it looks like intensity
Don't be dense, it's just a propensity for a breathing tendency

We'll be running and spinning more than turntables and Seikaly
Y'all should've re-signed him because Haslem's been playing frightfully

McBob brings the beats and he'll drop it on you like Skrillex
I ain't gonna defend the physicality, just keep an eye out for the trill flex

We're gonna puts holes in you like Donuts, hopefully as good as Dilla's
We gotta be stone cold killas leavin' y'all babbling like Reggie Miller
Ray Allen plays like he's keeping one eye out for the Grim Reaper
Props to Miami for at least catching that DUI of Bieber's

Big Al's game speaks for us and it's loud enough to deafen
his presence is a question, playing on one foot at his discretion
so it's time for everyone to step up to teach the Heat a lesson
Take it one game at a time, each progression in succession
In Charlotte, the clouds might obscure the heavens
But have no doubt, the pick is Bobcats in seven


At this point we're coming strong but don't care if you take 'em all
Cuz after a king's rise, shortly follows the king's fall
You might take the East but that won't prep you for what's next
Ray Allen's shot is looking worse than his Twitter sexts

A 3-peat you're pipe-dreamin', can't really be believin'
Free agency, LeBron's leaving and taking his talents back to Cleveland
Speaking of Cleveland, on the mic I am a menace
But not as much of a menace to your squad as Anthony Bennett
Catch you later after you trade Dion Waiters
We'll hold your place in line until like 3008
or whenever you're relevant again, stock up your draft picks
Don't trade em away you don't wanna end up like the Knicks

Amar'e and Bargnani waking up with injuries in a new Bugatti
Can't make a shot but they can cop Versace Versace Versace
Contracts looking sloppy, but Phil Jackson will fix it, he's a genius
Don't lock yourselves in contract like the Wizards and Arenas

After knee injuries, shots, he wasn't hitting them
Only shots hitting were those from Javaris Crittenton

The glory days back, no more Blatche or Swaggy P
Swaggy P in LA and the Lakers look trashy, see?
None of these players good, so you should only invest in shirseys
Players too broke, they can't even honor bets for their own jerseys
Lucky you tanked because the lottery will be helpin ya
Because the league don't want Wiggins in Philadelphia

Not even Philadelphia wants to be in Philadelphia, helter skelter
Rhymes is meltin ya, raps fatter than Raymond Felton, bruh

Back on track, if this is the Cats' last game, that's tragic
I'm a basket addict rabid with the pen magic, emphatic
The Magic had to have the worst reaction to our magic
They were agitated debating telling us that we should walk in traffic

It's sad it had to get to that, I'm mad you had to be so bad
at rapping, that our lines on pad and paper had you so gassed
So I had fun here and I hope I'm back for the next game,
And the next game and the next game and the next game.
But if there is no next game, no need ot be vexed or ashamed
Our success sang louder than raps, and Al Jeff is the best maneeee