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Bobcats campaign to have Al Jefferson make All-NBA Team

Al Jefferson is having one of, if not the best, season of his career and the Bobcats want him to get recognized for it.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

We here at Rufus on Fire have done a lot to emphasize just how much of an impact Al Jefferson has had on the Bobcats this season. Anybody that has watched the Bobcats knows that he is far and away the most valuable player on the team since the new year was rung in. Jefferson may have started off the season rough due to ankle injuries but after recovering and settling in with his team, he's been one of the best centers in the NBA. The Bobcats know this and they want to make sure Jefferson gets some all NBA accolades this year.

Presenting, Big Al's paint.

Big Al now has is own brand of "paint". On this website you can find how his paint compares to the other top "brands"in the NBA. You can even get painting tips from Big Al himself! My favorite are the two with cameos from Bobcats rookie Cody Zeller.

Whether Al Jefferson is an all NBA center this season is certainly up for debate among media, coaches, and fans but what isn't up for debate is the impact Jefferson has had this season. The attention Jefferson attracts from the defense and the numbers he puts up raises the Bobcats to another level. This team would not be a playoff team without Jefferson. It was cool to see the Bobcats get behind their big man and try to get him some more accolades in a fun way.