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Rufus Links, April 30

Derek takes a look around the web for the best of the best Bobcats and NBA content. Sometimes he misses stuff, so don't be upset if your favorite isn't in here.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, man. I haven't done one of these links posts in a year. How do I move my feet? What do I do with my hands? What if I have to sneeze? Wait. I remember now!

Charlotte Observer- A Look Ahead at the Charlotte Bobcats' Offseason: Rick Bonnell analyzes what's ahead for  the Bobcats this summer. A Fond Farewell to the Charlotte Bobcats, Who Will No Longer Be Known as the Bobcats: David Pincus has a nice retrospective of each year in team history as the team makes their transition.

And how about some general NBA stuff for good measure?

Hardwood Paroxysm- Actually, Mark Cuban, You Can Punish Donald Sterling for Being Racist: Here Curtis Harris lays out a well-thought out take on the situation.

SB Nation NBA- What Happened Last Night: Miss last night's games? Want to read up on the boycott the Warriors were planning had they not liked Adam Silver's verdict on Donald Sterling? Here you go.

Editor's Pick: Big Al And The Bobcats Deserved More Than What They Got. Nuff Said.