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Reviving At The Hive

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Today the Charlotte Bobcats will officially cease to be known as such, completing the nomenclature change to the Hornets that so many fans have clamored for in the past years.

In much less cool news, our site will change as well. The colors will change, as will the name.

In a decision made with our editors and our site managers and SB Nation's founder even, we've decided to bring back At The Hive, the name of the Hornets blog previously. We wanted to have some continuity over pure novelty (though I had plenty of fun ideas in that realm) and it just made sense to revive the name.

My main idea for a while was Digable Hornets, a nod to a rather terrific rap group. I always liked Rufus on Fire's tie to music and wanted to add a new one.

Our other ideas, which were struck down thanks to legal concerns or other reasons:

  • Hugo on Fire
  • Hugo's Boss
  • Shinn Kickers
  • Muggsy Rogues
  • Southern Hosbeetality

Anyway, we'll be making that transition as soon as we can.