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Charlotte Hornets press conference recap: Hornets keep history, jerseys revealed next month

New uniforms are coming June 19 just in time for the NBA Draft, and the team is getting back Charlotte Hornets history.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Charlotte Hornets chief operating officer Fred Whitfield and Executive Vice President Pete Guelli took the stage today to announce the official transition from the Charlotte Bobcats name.

Whitfield was clearly proud to welcome the name back as the first example of a team reclaiming the brand a market originally had that was subsequently used elsewhere. The announcement went as expected, save for one pretty big surprise that the team would reclaim statistics and records from the Hornets' previous time in Charlotte.

All statistical information, records and history will return to Charlotte, adding the original Charlotte Hornets history (1988-2002) to the existing Charlotte Bobcats history, leaving the New Orleans Hornets records, etc to the Pelicans.

He also said he's heard from several past Hornets about their excitement to be involved with the team and that the Hornets will be in touch with team alumni to add them to the family. In regards to Bobby Phills' retired jersey, Guelli said the team has "every intention of returning that jersey to its rightful home here in Charlotte, There'es conversations that need to take place with the Phills family and with the New Orleans franchise, but that's something obviously that's under heavy consideration and we're going to do everything in our power to make it happen."

Guelli unveiled the schedule for more changes in the near future, starting with Hugo's return. (Whitfield said Hugo would see "some similarities, but with a refresh")

5 - Hugo's return
9 - Hornets' Day of Service - the entire organization will contribute time and effort in community service at Hornets Nest Elementary School, in addition to a grant to be awarded to CMS.
19 - New uniforms
26 - Court design reveal

The team will take the court in Summer League as the Hornets for the first time

Buzzfest - a multi-day festival celebrating the return of the Hornets and the start of the season