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Hornets get Detroit's pick, 9th overall in upcoming draft

A change of name finally led to some lottery luck for Charlotte. Thanks, Joe Dumars!

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

If you thought the Bobcats name was cursed, you may have been on to something. The Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA lottery for the second straight year in a row. As a result, their jump moved the Pistons back to the ninth spot in the lottery. However, that pick was only top-8 protected against the Hornets' claims to it in the Ben Gordon trade. Since it fell back, the Charlotte Hornets now get to pick 9th in this year's draft.

Apparently a name change was all Charlotte needed for some draft luck. After being known as  rather unlucky lottery team during their tenure as the Bobcats, on the same day they became the Hornets again, the team also had some luck finally go their way.

The 2014 draft is supposed to be incredibly deep so Hornets fans have to be excited about this turn of events in their favor, especially with the 24th overall pick, too (via Portland).

However, that pick may not be around for long. According to Rick Bonnell, of the Charlotte Observer, the Bobcats could be looking to trade the draft pick. What exactly they plan on trading it for remains unclear.