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Bobcats individual season reviews: Luke Ridnour

Luke Ridnour's 10th season did not go as planned after a back injury derailed much of his anniversary season.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Season Recap

Luke Ridnour did not have a good 2013-'14 season, let's just get right to that. Early in the season, Ridnour struggled in Milwaukee before hurting his back. As his numbers plummeted and he fell to the back of the Bucks' rotation, he was dealt to Charlotte in the Gary Neal and Jeff Adrien trade. Back injuries are tough, and it took Ridnour about 16 games to look like the Ridnour of old. In the last eight games of the season, Ridnour shot 46.5 percent from the field and 50 percent from deep while playing 19 minutes per game-- something he hadn't been able to do in months.

Then came the playoffs, and Ridnour regressed once again. Granted, they were playing the Heat, but Ridnour's field goal percentage fell to just above 30 in just nine minutes of action per game, so the Bobcats apparently didn't make much of his strong April. Although, averaging three assists in nine minutes per game is pretty good.

Season Review

Whether it was injury, age, or a combination of both, Ridnour's '14 campaign was a disappointment. His 61 games played were his fewest since 2008 and hadn't played as few minutes since his rookie year. There was good reason for this since he was dealing with a finicky back and that makes it difficult to shoot. Yet, things like his total rebound percentage and turnover percentage were still up to career norms.  Still, 25 games as a Bobcat, and 61 games played overall, makes it difficult to really assess Ridnour's season, especially considering he missed all but three games in February.

Future Outlook

Some experts had predicted Ridnour's career to hit a wall when he first signed with Minnesota back in 2010 after a career year, but had continued to perform at near-levels for several more seasons before this one. Now, Ridnour is 32, and coming off of a drop in production and back troubles. Back injuries are tricky things that affect just about every sort of movement imaginable, so given his age, it is a bit of a concern. For the Hornets, it may be worth it to bring him back only on a short term deal for much less money. Or they could just move on from him since it doesn't really matter. It seems that we're at the point where the league is going to continue to minimize Ridnour's role going forward just as Milwaukee and Charlotte did this season.