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Season Reviews: Jeff Taylor and Jannero Pargo

Neither Jeff Taylor nor Jannero Pargo played thirty games this season, but both had an impact on the Bobcats' play.

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Season Recap:

Jeff Taylor entered his sophomore season in the NBA with a lot of questions surrounding him. His potential to improve and become a productive rotation player was seen, but we didn't get many glimpses of that during his freshman campaign.

He only played in 26 games in 2013-14 before being lost for the rest of the year due to injury, but he seemed to take a step back this season. Taylor shot .376/.269 from the floor on a 19.4 Usage%, way too high for a shooter that inconsistent, all while assisting on only 5.7% of his possessions, one of the worst rates on the team. Taylor's rebounding rate was better than only those of Gary Neal, Jannero Pargo, Ramon Sessions, and Luke Ridnour, who you may recognize as being purely perimeter players, all of whom are at least three inches shorter than the 6'7" Taylor. His efficiency metrics were second-worse on the team, ahead of only Ben Gordon. His defense, while unspectacular in either direction, was not an asset to the Bobcats, noted by the less-heralded players such as Chris Douglas-Roberts or Anthony Tolliver who became an immediate improvement on that end of the floor, in one way or another.

Jannero Pargo played in only 29 games this season, averaging 8.3 minutes per contest, and was rarely used outside of blowouts or games where another point guard was injured. He made the most of his minutes, though, shooting .441/.400 from the floor and averaging 20.2 points per 36 minutes, second only to Al Jefferson, and doing so very efficiently. He was a great facilitator of the offense, getting an assist on 40.3 percent of his possessions, which was the best mark on the team by a lot. Though he didn't dribble-drive seemingly ever, and his defense didn't exactly move the scale, he was a quality third point guard, especially on the offensive end. The one knock on Pargo was his propensity to turn the ball over, as his 17.5% turnover rate was beat only by Bismack Biyombo's, and this is not a quality you want to see from a point guard.

Season Review:

I didn't know what I wanted from Jeff Taylor going into the season, but after it ended I think I had a feeling of what type of a player I wanted him to be. I think, retrospectively, Chris Douglas-Roberts provided a sort of template for how I wanted Taylor's season to go. But even though I didn't have a set of expectations to evaluate him on, it was clear that Taylor wasn't performing like he should be. To put it in more blunt terms, Taylor struggled in too many areas to have a positive impact on this team. Among players with more than five minutes (sorry, Justin Hamilton and James Southerland), only Taylor and Ben Gordon finished with a negative win share. That's...not good.

As the emergency point guard, I didn't expect much from Jannero Pargo, other than adequacy. He was much more than adequate within his role, thankfully. Those shooting numbers are a bit of an anomaly for someone with so little playing time, and I'm sure he, as a ten-year veteran, helped mentor a pretty youthful backcourt. With the small amount of minutes he received, he couldn't have a gigantic impact on the team, but he performed admirably within that role and became one of the better third point guards in the NBA last season.

Future Outlook:

According to his Basketball-Reference page, Jeff Taylor's contract with Charlotte lasts for another year, which is probably good for him. He's going to need another year to prove his value in the NBA, but if he can't improve next season, it might be tough for him to find a job in this league. That being said, he'll be 25 for the entire season, and improvement is definitely possible. I'd recommend he focus on becoming good at one aspect of the game, so he can have a role, rather than simply being average(-ish) at many things.

After a second abbreviated season in Charlotte, I think it's safe to say that the front office likes having Jannero Pargo around. While they may choose to go with a different option for the third point guard, especially if they can find someone less expensive or through the draft, I have a feeling that Rich Cho is still considering Pargo as an option at some point for this season. I probably don't have any more insight into whether he'll come back to the Hornets than you do, but speculation leads me to think that he's an option to return, even if it's on ten-day contract(s).