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Al Jefferson finishes eighth in MVP voting, Higgins voted 11th in Executive of the Year

Al Jefferson received two third place votes, four fourth place votes and twelve fifth place votes. Rod Higgins got one first-place vote and one third-place vote as President of Basketball Operations for the Bobcats.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Bobcats center Al Jefferson finished 8th in MVP voting, getting a handful of third and fourth place votes and plenty of fifth place votes.

The NBA announced that Kevin Durant is this year's MVP with 119 first place votes, followed by LeBron JamesBlake GriffinJoakim Noah and James Harden.

Al Jefferson had a rough start to the season because of an ankle injury but started to tear up the NBA in January with his post moves, strength and deceptive right hand. He finished the season averaging 21 points and 10 rebounds per game with a true shooting percentage of 53 percent. That's right at league average efficiency wise but I feel that's a little skewed.  Jefferson had an awful start to the season but once he recovered, minus one month where he shot 48%, he was for the most part at above average efficiency for the Bobcats.

It's nice to see Al Jefferson get some MVP votes. He was definitely the biggest factor in the Bobcats making the playoffs and finishing over .500 for the second time in franchise history. He ripped apart the NBA once January hit and voters obviously took notice of his impact.

Rod Higgins also got some votes for season award accolades, drawing a first-place vote for Executive of the Year, as well as one third-place vote, coming in at 11th overall. I'm not sure what the process is for deciding which team executive or GM represents a team in this voting, but Cho deserves his fair share of appreciation too.