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Rod Higgins steps down

In a very surprising move, Rod Higgins has stepped down.


According to Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports, the Charlotte Hornets have announced that Rod Higgins, the team's President of Basketball Operations, has stepped down. Rich Cho remains as General Manager.

Rod Higgins has been involved with Charlotte since 2007 when he was General Manager of the team. In 2011 when Rich Cho was hired, Higgins was promoted to President of Basketball Operations. Higgins has, for a long time, been criticized for his decisions. Many place the blame of the team falling into a state of disarray and incompetence on him. Charlotte has long had a history of being unsuccessful in the draft and Higgins is blamed for this as well.

The Hornets sent out this press release late Thursday Night/Early Friday Morning "I would like to thank Rod for his seven years of dedication to this organization," Hornets owner Michael Jordan said the press release. "Rod has been a consummate professional throughout his time with the team. Thanks to his hard work and commitment, we have an improved roster and we are poised for success in the future. Rod was of great help to me as I navigated my first four years as majority owner of this franchise. I wish him all the best."

This decision by Higgins to step down comes as a major surprise. It's not much longer until the draft on June 26th and losing a front office guy who had a vital role in decision making at this time is very out of the ordinary for a team. It's possible Higgins is stepping down for personal reasons but it's also possible there was some decision to part ways from the team side. For now we will have to wait for more information to present itself.