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NBA mock draft roundup! Brace yourselves for the Stauskas wave

We've got 12 mock draft updates from around the web's top sports sites. Let's take a look at who they've got the Hornets taking now.

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The 2014 draft will look kinda like this but with different names on the board, different guy behind the podium, and the number 14 instead of 13.
The 2014 draft will look kinda like this but with different names on the board, different guy behind the podium, and the number 14 instead of 13.
Mike Stobe

Not too long ago, I remember that everyone across the board thought the Hornets were going to draft Doug McDermott. But oh ho ho, dear reader, how the tide has turned. The Nik Stauskas wave is now here! Away we go to the mocks!

Draft Express - (9) Nik Stauskas, (24) Shabazz Napier, (45) Russ Smith
DX has Doug McDermott to Sacramento, meaning the Hornets take the best shooter available in Stauskas. With the other first-round pick, the Hornets take UCONN guard Shabazz Napier to backup Kemba Walker. Napier's jump shot will be welcome in Charlotte, as will his ballhandling and ability to drive. But his size is a concern and he can be a bit too ball-dominant at times. I'm not sure why they project Smith to the Hornets if they're already taking an undersized point guard in Napier.

SB Nation - (9) Stauskas, (24) K.J. McDaniels
With the Hornets getting the sharpshooter in Stauskas at nine, they project Charlotte to go defense with No. 24 with McDaniels, an athletic forward who can defend multiple positions. He's not a great shooter, however.

ESPN, Chad Ford - (9) McDermott, (24) P.J. Hairston, (45) Semaj Christon
Ford still has the Hornets taking McDermott and Hairston to address their shooting woes, though some folks doubt Hairston will be available by the time the Hornets are on the clock for the second time. Criston, a two-year player out of Xavier, has good athletic gifts but lacks a dependable jump shot with good range and isn't a strong playmaker. Ford says McDermott is a favorite of the team, despite an average workout. He says Elfrid Payton is a possible sleeper.

Yahoo! Sports, Marc J. Spears - (9) Stauskas, (24) Jordan Adams
Spears has McDermott falling a ways down to No. 14, and says Stauskas is the draft's best shooter. Adams is an intriguing pick here. Though lacking in athleticism, Adams is a talented shooting guard with good finishing ability with good scoring instincts. His jump shot isn't great and could use some work on the consistency, however.

Sporting News, Sean Deveney - (9) Stauskas, (24) Glenn Robinson III
Stauskas again. Robinson's a good athlete and a solid scorer. His jump shot is decent and could give the Hornets a good talent at small forward to help on offense., David Aldridge - (9) Gary Harris, (24) McDaniels
For Aldridge, the two-way ability of Harris makes him a smart pick for the Hornets, as he likes Harris' jump shot., Scott Howard Cooper - (9) McDermott, (24) Vasa Micic, (45) Patric Young
Micic might be a bit of a stretch at 24, but he could be a smart find for the Hornets' backup point guard search. He's a terrific passer with great court vision and size as a guard. Though he's not a great athlete or defender, he can run an offense and see the floor well. As for Young, he's strong NBA-ready defender and rebounder. He's no great offensive weapon, so you might wonder what the upside is for picking him when you already have one raw offensive backup center. He could be a bit more consistent than Biyombo, I suppose., Chris Mannix - (9) McDermott, (24) Clint Capela
Mannix says he's heard execs rave about McDermott's versatile offense (not just his jump shot!) and thinks Clifford can make McDermott's defensive problems manageable. At 6'11" Capela is Mannix's pick for the Hornets at 24. Capela's got terrific size and length, certainly capable of defending the rim and rebounding in the NBA just based on his athleticism and length alone. However, he's still very raw on offense, needs strength and has no dependable jump shot. Scouts say he can finish around the rim, however.

CBS Sports
Gary Parrish - (9) McDermott, (24) Cleanthony Early, (45) Criston
Parrish has the Hornets upgrading their wing depth here. McDermott is no surprise, but Cleanthony Early is unexpected here. Early has strong scoring instincts inside and out and is a versatile threat. His jump shot is fairly dependable and has improved over his college career. Whether he can create with the ball in his hands might be an issue at the next level.

Zach Harper - (9) Harris, (24) Hairston, (45) Jahii Carson
No surprises here. Carson is Harper's pick for the Hornets' backup point guard spot. Carson might be the smallest point guard in the draft at 5'11", but he's an explosive athlete that can get to the hoop and who can be a decent playmaker off the bench.

Matt Moore - (9) Adreian Payne, (24) McDaniels, (45) Devyn Marble
Moore acknowledges that Payne is probably considered a bit of a stretch here, but thinks he's a great fit next to Jefferson with the range on his jump shot and defensive versatility. Marble's a decent shooter and has good size as a shooting guard, and he's a decent playmaker and passer. Capable of handling the ball well and creating offense with a pretty good jump shot make him an interesting prospect for the second round.

USA Today - (9) Harris, (24) Tyler Ennis
Adi Joseph likes Harris as a pick without much risk and thinks he'll be an upgrade over Henderson sooner rather than later. Syracuse's Tyler Ennis is his pick for the Hornets' backup point guard. Ennis is a talented ballhandler and playmaker, but doesn't have a particularly good jump shot.

Overall count

No. 9
Stauskas - 4
McDermott - 4
Harris - 3
Payne - 1

No. 24
McDaniels - 3
Hairston - 2
Napiers, Adams, Robinson III, Micic, Capela, Early, Ennis - 1 each