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Should the Hornets try to sign LeBron James?

Experts say maybe.

Streeter Lecka

LeBron James is a free agent.

Never mind that this is probably just a maneuver to both pressure the Heat to improve in free agency while possibly giving them more flexibility if he restructures a more friendly contract to help Miami's cap space rather than what he would have gotten had he not opted out.

But hell, this is the internet and I need to make public my brave thoughts that it would be a good idea for the Charlotte Hornets to try to sign the best basketball player in the world.

So yes, the Charlotte Hornets should probably try to get LeBron James. It's a risky move, and who knows if he'll be comfortable coming off the bench. Charlotte desperately needs a scoring threat off the bench and I think LeBron could be their man.

He looks to be a bit of a tweener and I'm not sure what kind of contract the Hornets should offer him (veteran minimum with team option in second year?), much less what position he'll play. Analysts don't even know. Zach Lowe had this to say about LeBron James earlier this year: "He [...]." Wow. Damning evidence from a very knowledgeable writer.

In conclusion, actually I think the Hornets should not try to sign him in free agency and instead just go after Andray Blatche.