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Doug McDermott predicts Charlotte Hornets will pick him

The mock drafts aren't the only thing predicting McDermott will be in Charlotte.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Many mock drafts floating around the web have the Hornets taking Doug McDermott with the ninth pick in the draft. Apparently McDermott believes that to be true himself.

According to a tweet from Andy Katz of ESPN, McDermott predicts that Charlotte will be the team that takes him in the draft. This would certainly fit all of the mock drafts and reports out there that he's the guy the Hornets have been zeroing in on over the workout process.

There's a multitude of reasons for why McDermott believes Charlotte could pick him. It could be as simple as the Hornets gave him a promise and as such he's just waiting out until his name gets called. However there haven't been any reports of a promise and even though the Hornets don't leak much, I think that would have gotten out at some point. More than likely his agent told him that's where he's being projected at on most boards. He also has to have seen that a large majority of mock drafts and draft analysts believe that's the team he's going to. It's not hard for him to put two and two together there.

The Hornets need a stretch power forward, McDermott can fill that role nicely. If he was drafted, I am confident in my belief that his skill set would fit in to the Hornets just fine.