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Hornets offered Gerald Henderson and No. 24 overall pick for Afflalo

Orlando turned Charlotte down to get Evan Fournier and a late second round pick instead.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

In Chad Ford's draft day mock draft today, he disclosed that his sources said the Hornets had offered Gerald Henderson and the No. 24 overall pick for the Orlando Magic's Arron Afflalo.

But the offer wasn't enough, or perhaps too much, for the Magic's liking. They instead dealt Afflalo to the Denver Nuggets for Evan Fournier and the 56th overall pick in the draft, a shockingly low value to some Magic fans.

Ultimately, the Magic ended up with a young, developing versatile talent in Fournier. He's got a pretty good jump shot and is a decent passer with fairly good court vision as a shooting guard. He hasn't flourished in Denver and declined from his rookie season (albeit he only played 38 games in his first year). Regardless, the Magic must be quite interested in him to give up talent like Afflalo's for him and one of the last picks in the draft.

The other thing that seems fairly evident is that they wanted to clear out some cap space for the next couple years.

Gerald Henderson is a better all-around player, and one with more experience, than Fournier at this moment, but he's unlikely to develop into a shooting guard that can help space the floor, and he comes bearing a contract slightly less cumbersome than Afflalo's. Afflalo's contract has two years left at $7.5 million per year, with the second year a player option. Henderson's has the same structure with $6 million a year. Saving $3 million total over two years isn't making for too much more space.

The late first-round pick adds more value to that deal, but I guess Orlando just liked Fournier and saving lots of money (somewhere around $12 million over two years, assuming Afflalo would pick up his option) more than Henderson and a first round pick.