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Charlotte Hornets draft Noah Vonleh with No. 9 overall pick

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

With Nik Stauskas gone at No. 8, the Charlotte Hornets passed on Doug McDermott to take Indiana's Noah Vonleh, who slipped down the draft boards.

With solid athleticism, soft touch around the rim and strong defensive instincts, Vonleh's got a lot to build around when he comes into the league that has more than a few of the top teams intrigued and some thinking he can become similar to Chris Bosh.

With a good jump shot in his offensive skill set, it looks like Vonleh could fit well with the Hornets, who now have a hole to fill since Josh McRoberts opted out. He has the reputation as a very coachable hard working talent, which definitely works with Clifford's views and system.

Vonleh's strong rebounding ability and tenacity fighting for position in the post would give the Hornets a great player to clean the glass on either side of the floor, an option they haven't been able to have in their starting lineup other than Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. His rebounding, coupled with terrific size and length should make him a good defensive addition from the get-go, especially if tutored by Clifford.

However, consistent contribution on offense will probably need some seasoning in years to come. Though he could have the jump shot, don't expect Vonleh to be a Josh McRoberts type player - his assist numbers are far below average, even for his size and position. He also didn't have the offensive instincts and assertiveness to be a dependable top option on offense, though he has good touch with either hand. His jump shot should help as a safety release but it'll take time for him to extend his shooting to the NBA three-point line and become dependable on the block. The good news is he'll be 19 years old when the season starts. There's a base for them to build on for sure.