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Hornets trade 24th pick Shabazz Napier to Heat for 26th pick P.J. Hairston, second rounder

The Hornets bring back a local kid in former UNC player P.J. Hairston to bolster their shooting.

Grant Halverson

With pick No. 24, the Hornets selected Shabazz Napier, Kemba Walker's apprentice at UCONN. However, that would be short-lived as he would be dealt for the 26th pick, guard P.J. Hairston of the Texas Legends, and the 55th overall pick.

Hairston's fit with the Hornets is pretty natural. His shooting ability is an instant benefit, helping space the floor, and he's got the physical ability to get to the hoop and finish there. However, he's not a great ballhandler and shouldn't be expected to initiate the Hornets' offense off the bench.

As a sixth man, Hairston's offense is the immediate remedy to losing offensive firepower when the starters rotate out. His midrange game isn't very dependable, but efficiency as a shooter should make up for that on most nights.

It feels a bit uncomfortable to be helping the Miami Heat get a player they want in the division, but the Hornets still got a player they wanted in Hairston and picked up a second round pick, which could end to be nothing or could be a rotation player. It all depends on how well they draft the talent towards the end.