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Hornets will receive Alonzo Gee as part of Cavs trade

Looks like the Hornets are getting something in the Cavs trade after all.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

According to a tweet from Tom Withers of the Assosciated Press, the Hornets have received Alonzo Gee as part of the Cavaliers trade.

It was reported earlier that the Hornets were sending newly drafted center, Dwight Powell, to the Cavaliers along with Brendan Haywood. At the time it looked like the Hornets were just sending a draft pick away for the sake of trading Haywood. Now it appears they are getting the Cavs small forward in return.

Gee is an athletic slashing forward that never developed into what the Cavaliers wanted him to develop into. The more minutes Gee played, the less efficient he became. It's not exactly clear if this had more to do with the Cavs misusing him, or if he's really just not that good on offense. Either way, acquiring Gee doesn't move mountains. He's on a one year unguaranteed contract and unless Clifford thinks he can turn him into a shutdown defender, his lack of shooting touch won't make him very useful to the Hornets. I wouldn't be surprised if he was waived or traded this summer. If not, he has a year to show the team, and others, what he can do.