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Hornets trade Scotty Hopson for cash. Sweet, sweet cash

Justin K. Aller

The Hornets have successfully liquidated Brendan Haywood's contract and second-round pick Dwight Powell for cash considerations, completing a trade tonight with New Orleans exchanging former Cavalier Scotty Hopson for money.

Hopson had been acquired yesterday in an earlier deal that sent Haywood and his $2.2 million contract to Cleveland along with Powell. Charlotte's intent was to get a salary dump for Haywood's deal, and they managed to complete it via two dealings that gave them cash considerations from both teams.

Charlotte's offensive needs have dwindled though they haven't used much of their cap space. They needed a backup point guard and agreed to sign Brian Roberts. They needed an experienced power forward to replace Josh McRoberts, and they agreed to sign Marvin Williams.

So what's left? Perhaps a chance to upgrade their wing offense. Lance Stephenson is still available and the Hornets might be interested.