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Hornets summer league game 3: vs Knicks

Tipoff: 4 p.m. EST

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Hornets should be back to full strength today with Cody Zeller expected back in the lineup following his absence the last two games to attend his brother's wedding.

Charlotte's offense was rather putrid last night with a team field goal percentage of 28.6 percent, though they made up some ground in that inefficiency by outrebounding Sacramento on the offensive glass to give themselves more scoring opportunities.

With Zeller back in the lineup, hopefully the Hornets will see benefits across the board as defenses won't be able to focus on Noah Vonleh in the frontcourt and P.J. Hairston in the backcourt. Zeller should also help with frontcourt defense and attacking the rim, so here's hoping Charlotte brings a much more competitive offensive and defensive effort to the game.