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Hornets free agency update, day 2

Livingston gone, Stephenson still available.

Mike Ehrmann

Yes, we are really only on the second day of free agency. Yet some people seem to be legitimately frustrated and concerned that the Hornets aren't publicly working the phones. I'm pretty sure they are, given Jordan's words in recent months about making more big splashes. Maybe he was just blowing steam, but I'm not sure why he'd be disingenuous like that with the fanbase so excited for this coming year. Anyway, on to the rumors update:

The Golden State Warriors signed Shaun Livingston to a three-year $16 million contract. Charlotte was one of the other teams interested in signing Livingston, who had previously played for the Bobcats for a season.

Lance Stephenson, a possible target for the Hornets to upgrade at the wing, was made an offer by the Pacers for $44 million over 5 years. The $8.8 million per year contract seems to be a bit low for Livingston, as they have not agreed on that deal. Chris Broussard of ESPN said Michael Jordan and the Hornets are interested, though Rick Bonnell says he doesn't think there's a good chance they sign him.

Josh McRoberts' return continues to look promising. Bonnell interviewed his agent about the Hornets' interest, and it looks good. "(Clifford) allows him to be the player he can be," said his agent Mike Conley, Sr.

The Hornets did make one signing recently -- an assistant GM position. Charlotte hired away Chad Buchanon, the Portland Trail Blazers' director of scouting, who had worked with Rich Cho while they were both in Portland.