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What remains in the Hornets' offseason before training camp?

With 14 players who figure to be on the roster, the Hornets have space for one more player for the regular season and six for their offseason roster before training camp.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Hornets currently have three point guards (Kemba Walker, Brian Roberts, Jannero Pargo), four shooting guards (Lance Stephenson, Gerald Henderson, Gary Neal, P.J. Neal), two small forwards (Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Jeff Taylor), three power forwards (Marvin Williams, Cody Zeller, Noah Vonleh) and two centers (Al Jefferson, Bismack Biyombo), which adds up to 14 total players.

As noted by Larry Coon's CBAFAQ site, the CBA permits for an offseason roster up to 20 players, though that's cut to 15 in the regular season (though they could temporarily have 16 in the event that four players are sick and injured having missed three games and are unable to go forward).

The Hornets' roster doesn't have many holes they can fill considerably with their meager cap space at this point. Basically they'll be looking at minimum contracts.

With training camp on the horizon, the Hornets can offer some unguaranteed contracts that only count toward their cap if the players are not waived before the first day of the regular season.

With the space to take on a few flyers for at least some summer months and the chance to take one for the season, Charlotte ought to look to either boost their small forward depth or their center depth.

The Hornets' small forward depth might be worrying: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist had a hand fracture last year, and Taylor ruptured his Achilles tendon. Taylor's injury worries me much more than Kidd-Gilchrist's hand, especially because Achilles injuries are much more difficult to recover from. However, Charlotte's wealth at shooting guard offers them a couple players who could capably play the 3 if they needed too. Stephenson and Henderson could and have done this, and Hairston might be able to in a pinch, though I'm less confident in that.

As for center, there are fewer injury concerns but just an interest in depth in general. But the Hornets only used two centers last season anyway, ultimately never needing Brendan Haywood's service from the third center spot. Cody Zeller spent pretty much all his minutes as a center (per basketball-reference) and I'd expect him to see that a lot this year too.

But they have the ability to take a few players into training camp and make their best bet for the regular season, which could even be staying with what they've got and addressing issues that arise in the middle of the season, similar to what they did last year with Chris Douglas-Roberts.

And speaking of Douglas-Roberts, we haven't heard any talk of him returning to Charlotte, though he could certainly fill a similar role as a small forward.

Other familiar wings that could join in training camp could include some participants from their Summer League team: Josh Davis (high energy, active defense, tenacious rebounder, not a good outside shooter), Justin Brownlee (bouncy, lithe athlete, solid shooter) and Rion Brown (athletic, pretty decent shooter). From the free agent side, they could look at players like Jordan Hamilton, Damion James or some other players who could fill that smaller role capably.

As for the center spot, the Hornets could bring in their Summer League big man, Jordan Bachynski, who has great size and is a good shotblocker with decent touch around the rim but looked pretty immobile and lost on defense. Jason Collins could be worth a look as a third center to bolster their bench defense, though he won't add much of anything on offense.