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New Hornet P.J. Hairston involved in pickup game fight in Durham

Hairston off to great start as a Hornet, joins high school player in fisticuffs in pickup game.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Though newly drafted Hornet P.J. Hairston had hoped to put his past off-court problems behind him, doing so has proved difficult already as he was involved in a "minor altercation" with a prep student in a pickup game in Durham.

Meanwhile Barkley took to Twitter as well to briefly give his side of the story.

Spears added that Hairston's agent said the Hornets are aware of the situation. They offered a limited statement:

Hairston had troubles at UNC-Chapel Hill that caused the NCAA to revoke his eligibility, including using a rental car that was ruled an impermissable benefit, a marijuana possession arrest and a speeding ticket. The fallout would send Hairston into the NBA D-League to continue playing.

This is one heck of a way for the Hornets to make waves as the renewed Hornets franchise enters free agency. More to come as the story develops.