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Bee stings: Hornets interested in Kris Humphries, make hilarious wooing attempt for Gordon Hayward

Plus an update on the P.J. Hairston saga.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Hornets tried to trade for Kris Humphries over year ago by dangling Ben Gordon for him, and it seems they're still interested in acquiring him, with the Boston Globe's Gary Washburn reporting Charlotte and Washington are the two leaders for him in free agency.

With Charlotte missing out on retaining Josh McRoberts, the Hornets are still looking for an experienced player at power forward. Humphries fits the bill, but isn't quite as versatile as McRoberts. His shooting range doesn't extend beyond the three-point line, though he can shoot jumpers inside it, but he isn't nearly the passer or ballhandler McRoberts is. Humphries isn't a complete stiff, however. He's one of the better offensive rebounders in the league, and is tenacious on the glass on either side of the floor. I don't know what kind of contract he stands to get, but he's a strong rebounder and capable complementary offensive scoring option. But without the three-point shot, will the Hornets' offensive spacing severely suffer because of it?

In other news, the Hornets are pressing hard to get Gordon Hayward, which just looks ... pretty sad.

As for news updates in the P.J. Hairston crap-wagon, he's been charged with misdemeanor assault and will have a court date August 8. He issued the following public statement:

I want to apologize to the Hornets organization and our fans for creating this distraction. As this is now a legal matter, I cannot comment on the situation any further. I am truly sorry for any embarrassment that I have caused.

Nothing but fun times in Hornet Land.