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Gordan Hayward agrees to sign 4-year, $63 million offer sheet with Hornets

Gordon Hayward signs offer sheet with the Hornets, but lets not get too excited.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Gordon Hayward has agreed to sign an offer sheet worth the maximum amount under the CBA with the Charlotte Hornets according to Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer

The Hornets have been reported as interested in Hayward since free agency began. When Hayward visited with Charlotte a few days ago, they had a picture of his face outside the arena as they pulled out all the stops.

Hayward in his final year with the Jazz suffered a setback in his numbers. His transition from role player to the Jazz's number 1 option on offense has been a bumpy one indeed over the past couple years. He clearly wasn't that kind of player. In Charlotte, he won't be the top option, and that benefits him.

Except, Hayward might not even make it to Charlotte. Hayward is a restricted free agent with the Utah Jazz. and they can match whatever the Hornets are offering. They do have one saving grace, they offered Hayward the max.

The Jazz have been saying the entire offseason they will match any offer for Hayward. The best way to ensure the highest possibility that they don't match the offer is by offering a max deal, and forcing Utah to do it.

I personally think Hayward fits great in Charlotte thanks to his shooting.  If you don't like him, fear not, he probably isn't going to make it to Charlotte.