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Hornets going after Brian Roberts to fill backup point guard spot

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

With Gordon Hayward's offer sheet result firmly out of their hands, the Hornets have turned to address the backup point guard opening by going after Brian Roberts, the point guard of the former New Orleans Hornets turned Pelicans.

Roberts is almost 29 and a latecomer to the NBA, having played internationally for a few years after he went undrafted.

His role on the Pelicans increased from his rookie to sophomore season in the NBA with his minutes rising from 17 to 23 per game. He's become a capable scorer for New Orleans and even started 42 games. With a decent three-point shot (career percentage of .372), Roberts could be a decent backup point guard that can help Charlotte space their offense, though his passing concerns me. His assist percentage dropped severely to 22.1 percent, and another concern is that his defense wasn't great in New Orleans. His sized couldn't have helped much at 6'1" either.

But perhaps the Pelicans just gave him too large of a role and maybe a backup position is better suited to his talents.