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Hornets moving along in negotiations with Marvin Williams

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

In another report from NBA reporting machine Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, the Hornets are discussing "parameters of a deal", though it appears a signing is not imminent.

The Hornets' interest in Williams isn't surprising, especially since Josh McRoberts opted to head to a sunnier locale in Miami. With so much youth at power forward -- Cody Zeller and rookie Noah Vonleh are the current players there -- the Hornets would like to add some experience to help them.

That's where Williams, a 9-year veteran at 28 years old, comes in.

Or he might, rather. With Gordon Hayward's fate hanging in the balance, the Hornets could be hoping Williams will be their plan B should the Jazz match Charlotte's offer sheet. At $15+ million per year, Hayward's contract could put them out of contention in trying to sign him at a competitive value with other teams chasing him.

Williams can also play small forward, but he can also capably defend power forwards. The concern is how much that wears him down; He played approximately 95 percent of his minutes at power forward last year and missed 16 games fighting some knee, back and foot problems.

Though he hasn't lived up to his draft expectations, Willliams has become a fair rotation player, able to play multiple positions and stretch the floor with his jump shot. However, he's not superbly efficient and is not major component of an offense. Still, with a 44 percent field goal percentage and 36 percent shooting from three, he's serviceable.