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Bee stings: Lance Stephenson shows off wicked handle in pickup game

Bruce Bennett

New Hornets Lance Stephenson apparently dropped one heck of a stat line in a pickup game yesterday with 47 points, eight rebounds and eight assists, according to Complex Sports.

He also had one heck of a highlight that he uploaded to his Instagram account:

Obviously he's not going to be able to do that kind of stuff against NBA talent, but his ballhandling skills are evident.

In other news, the odds of Chris Douglas-Roberts returning to Charlotte don't look great, if his reaction on Twitter to a fan is any indication.

We've also got a few early editions of NBA Power Rankings from CBS Sports and, both of which put the Hornets firmly in the middle of the league.

Matt Moore, CBS Sports: (15th) "They'll have another year in Steve Clifford's system, the Southeast Division is suddenly much more open and there is hope for some of the young players' development. The Hornets may not have gotten a whole lot better, but they avoided getting worse."

John Schuhmann, (16th) "Adding another off-the-dribble creator [..] to an offense that improved every month last season could be a real coup. And if all goes well, this could be a top-four East team on both ends of the floor. But we know that Lance's antics can be a distraction."

And last, but certainly not least, we have the start of individual player breakdowns from our friends across the web at Queen City Hoops. First up is Kemba Walker.