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Hornets get 5th seed, ESPN predicts

According to ESPN's Summer Forecast feature, the Charlotte Hornets will get the fifth seed in the upcoming 2014-2015 season.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, ESPN gathers its mass of writers and experts for their Summer Forecast, which tries to predict various accomplishments in the upcoming NBA season such as win totals, seedings, and awards. Today, they announced their predictions for the Eastern Conference.

The Charlotte Hornets are predicted to get the fifth seed, along with a record of 45-37, which is two wins more than they actually had last season. With the retention of all of their assets (with exception to Josh McRoberts), a developing core, the signing of Lance Stephenson, the Hornets may be primed for a breakout season.

Ahead of them in the mock standings are the Cleveland Cavaliers with the first seed, Chicago Bulls with the second, and the Toronto Raptors and Washington Wizards with the third and fourth seeds, respectively.

Each of the aforementioned teams is undoubtedly talented. The Cavaliers picked up LeBron James, and it sounds like they're getting Kevin Love in a week as well. The Bulls added Pau Gasol and will finally have Derrick Rose back. The Raptors were a bit of a surprise last year, but kept their squad intact and are looking to build on that success. The Wizards' young core is another year older, and they added some depth with the acquisitions of Paul Pierce and Kris Humphries.

What do you think about the Hornets' place in ESPN's Summer Forecast?