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Hornets plan to make bid for All-Star Weekend

The Charlotte Hornets will announce their bid for an upcoming All-Star Weekend Tuesday morning, Rick Bonnell reports.

Ronald Martinez

The official Charlotte Hornets Twitter account tweeted today that they will hold a press conference Tuesday morning, but offered no insight into what would be announced.

However, Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer later reported that the Hornets will announce their bid to host the NBA All-Star Game in either 2016 or 2017.

Charlotte hosted an All-Star Game in 1991 in the now-demolished Charlotte Coliseum, but hasn't submitted a bid in recent memory. There was a considerable lack of interest in NBA basketball once the original Hornets left Charlotte, and the Bobcats were unable generate meaningful buzz in their 10-year tenure. Now that they're the Hornets again, however, many casual fans have embraced the team so it appears that Michael Jordan and Rich Cho have decided that the city is ready to host another All-Star Game.

When NBA Commissioner Adam Silver visited Charlotte in March, he suggested that the Hornets' arena need some minor improvements before it could host an All-Star Game, which could cost as much as $42 million according to the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority, Bonnell reports. Silver did say he wanted Charlotte to make a bid, though.

The Hornets' press conference is Tuesday morning at 10 a.m., and you can stream it live here.