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Hornets announce All-Star bid

At a press conference Tuesday morning, the Hornets announced their bid to host the 2017 or 2018 all star game.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Charlotte's NBA team has changed a lot over the past year. They have a new name, new uniforms, and and a new logo. Using that momentum, Charlotte and the Hornets organization have put in a bid for the 2017 or 2018 all star game.

"It will once again put our city on the global stage."

"All you have to do is think about the sport and the impact internationally to understand how important it is to get this All-Star Game."

"A Charlotte All-Star Game would be a great opportunity to showcase our thriving city and tremendous growth."

A short video was played during the press conference showing what the city of Charlotte has to offer. Highlighting the Carolina Panthers, NCAA Tournament, and of course, former Charlotte Hornets players. Following the video, Ron Kimble, Charlotte's Deputy City Manager, lauded the city's ability to host big events highlighting the NCAA Tournament and English Premier League games they have hosted.

After presenting their reasons for why Charlotte is a good host for the All-Star game, the press conference shifted gears. It moved towards proving to Charlotte itself why this event is good for the city. They highlighted the exposure New Orleans was given last year during it's All Star game.

"More than 1800 media covered All-Star weekend last year including 265 international members."

Following the press conference, the Hornets and representatives of Charlotte boarded a plane for New York to go personally present their All Star bid.

If Charlotte's bid is picked, this will be their second All-Star game. The last was in 1991.