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Gerald Henderson was a great golfer

Last week, Gerald Henderson was on FAN 610 and spoke about his upcoming charity golf tournament, and where he sees the Hornets this year.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Gerald Henderson is holding his first annual charity golf tournament at Ballantyne Resort on August 22. The event will benefit A Child's Place, an organization that helps homeless kids find families, schools, and school supplies.

Many NBA players pick up golf as they get older. It's a change of pace from the grueling, intense NBA season, and it gives them an opportunity to hang out with people they normally wouldn't get the chance to.

However, Henderson's always been a golfer. When he was a preteen, his family moved to a golf course. Henderson Sr. played there a lot, and took his son out to the course as well. That paid off, because in high school, Henderson Jr. lettered and earned all-conference honors in golf as a freshman. So yeah, he was pretty good.

And yes, he's golfed with Michael Jordan. While Henderson laughed at the notion that Jordan is a cheater, he admitted that the Hornets owner rigs games by playing until he wins. Apparently, Jordan took Henderson out for a round of golf after the season and absolutely dominated.

Henderson also said Jannero Pargo is a great golfer, but wouldn't say Pargo is better than him. Pargo plays a lot too.

On the basketball side, Henderson was upset the Bobcats didn't get far in the playoffs, and was unhappy with his performance overall last season. Still, he's very happy to be a Hornet, and is ecstatic that Charlotte wants to host an all-star game.

When asked about his role after the Hornets signed Lance Stephenson, Henderson offered this gem of a quote:

"People who may not be educated about basketball stuff would say that okay, we're bringing a shooting guard in so the old one is gone. With our team, there are multiple lineups that can be put out there. Bringing Lance in, it allows for multiple people to play multiple positions. I was talking to Coach Clifford about it today, you know, playing me and Lance together, me and (Michael Kidd-Gilchrist) together. The possibilities are endless. The thing it brings to light for me is that you have to earn your spot. This is the NBA. You've got the best players in the world. In terms of competition, it's going to bring the best out of our team."

Henderson was then asked if the Hornets' defense can improve further.

"We should be the best defensive teams in the NBA. Even last year, I thought we were one the better perimeter defensive teams. We have the athletes, guys with the right instincts, guys who naturally are good defenders who make the right decisions."

Henderson's been in the gym with MKG twice in the last week, and said he's noticed a marked improvement in his shot mechanics. MKG's been working hard on his shot with Mark Price all summer. Henderson believes MKG will always have to work on his shot, but thinks all that matters is whether the ball goes in or not. He also pointed out that Gerald Wallace was able to develop a 3-point shot to the point that it became a weapon, even if he's never been a great shooter.

You can listen to the full interview here. It starts at around 3:00.