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Steve Clifford CBS Interview Highlights

Monday, CBS Sports' Eye on Basketball's James Herbert published an interview with coach Clifford on a variety of topics. Derek did the work of reading so you don't have to (but you should because it's really good).

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

CBS Sports' Eye on Basketball published an interview with Charlotte Hornets head coach Steve Clifford. James Herbert asked coach about a variety of topics ranging from the name change, to Lance Stephenson and more. And as an added bonus, I've recapped the highlights here. However, you should still click through and read the full interview for yourself because James is really good.

Anyway, here are a few things that stood out to me.

  • Clifford apparently doesn't have trouble not calling the team "the Bobcats" anymore. Seriously? That's impressive. I don't work for the team and I struggled with this the first three weeks after the name change.
  • The focus for this season is building upon the defensive foundation of Clifford's first year by expanding the offense. Undoubtedly signing Stephenson will help with that next season.
  • Herbert as a good question about how much studying goes into a player once you acquire them, and it's encouraging to see that the same amount of study goes into the player whether it's a Lance Stephenson or Jannero Pargo type player. It makes sense, but it's good to have that idea affirmed anyway.
  • Clifford goes on to praise Al Jefferson's competitiveness and note "the look," but what I really want to focus on here is him acknowledging Kemba Walker's assist numbers in addition to his work in the pick 'n roll. I really want coach to create an At the Hive account now.
  • It sounds like Michael Kidd-Gilchrist has not only spent time working with Mark Price on his shot, but working in the weight room as well. This is kind of terrifying because he wasn't exactly undersized before, and if it helps him stay healthy longer, we all win.
  • Mark Price has a very hands-on role with this team.
  • Ahh! Herbert asked him about how scouting has changed since the year 2000, but Clifford basically gave him the "we can video instantaeously thanks to computers!" answer. With interviews, you win some and you lose some. It just would've been cool to get as much insight as possible into the technological advances as possible.
Anyway, you all should read the piece because I did leave a good amount of stuff out. What stood out to you? Let's get the comments section going!