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Bee Stings: Hornets' rookies fly a bit under the radar, team looking for statisticians

Nick Laham

As the season approaches, we'll start to see more and more of the preseason material we've come to know, most notably of which is the GM survey.

First up, however, is the rookie survey. Naturally, Charlotte's picks didn't rank highly on more immediate questions as opposed to those with a long-term reach.

Hornets power forward Noah Vonleh received a handful of votes for most likely to have the best career, most overlooked and best defender. Their other first-round pick, P.J. Hairston, got votes for most overlooked, No.4 in best shooter, and tied for 6th as the funniest.

These surveys are little more than novelty. They're fun to pontificate about now and will be fun to look back on in five or 10 years, but ultimately mean little since careers don't happen in a vacuum. Still, they are fun.


In other news, I subscribe to TeamWorkOnline's Twiiter and noticed the Hornets are trying to get even smarter via programming and systems development. Maybe you could help.

For those with good programming and statistical skills, you could apply for openings in the Hornets' staff for a) Quantitative Analyst / Systems Developer or b) Systems Developer.


In other Hairston news, it doesn't look like he's been signed yet (Vonleh has). With issues of Hairston's uncertified agent creating CBA fine problems for the Hornets, he will be unable to negotiate until he works with an agent certified with the NBPA after a background check and annual fee.


"Nobody got better bang for their buck this summer than the Hornets,"'s David Aldridge writes in his column analyzing which teams improved the most this summer. Goodness gracious: "With Stephenson and Vonleh teaming with the likes of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Charlotte could have the makings of a lockout, championship-caliber unit."

I just peed my pants.