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Grantland ranks Hornets third in NBA homecourt power rankings

It's quiet in the NBA right now, and thanks to Spain getting bounced out of the FIBA World Cup we don't even have that game to anticipate. So it's the perfect time to celebrate arbitrary rankings of things that really don't have much to do with the actual success of an NBA franchise. Or do they? Kind of, not really? You decide but it's always good to be near the top of the list!

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Grantland's Zach Lowe, who does a great job covering the NBA and has maybe the best podcast name on the planet, The Lowe Post (this title makes me equal parts pleased and furious. It's such a great name and has obvious direct basketball connection. I can't believe I didn't see that coming.  As someone who's spent countless hours thinking of names for blogs and podcasts and the best I've been able to produce is Sideline Walker, or Walk On Spot...ugh, just envy is at 11), has release a fun pre-season look at the every home court design in the league.

As he mentions, he did a similar exercise last year with nicknames (miss you, Bobcats and Rufus, miss you every day) and this is a fine addition. To be honest, once you look at 10 or so court designs they start to blur together. So the fact that he gave equal attention and break down to just about every one is impressive.

And of course there are no real winners and losers...said the LOSERS at the bottom of this list! Spoiler alert: the newly minted court design at Time Warner Cable Arena debuts at number three. The sicko Hornets court is behind two of the most legendary franchises and courts in the history of the league. It's apparent that longevity and tradition did hold some value, subconsciously or not.

Some other teams have taken shot at a redesign this year, and the New Orleans Pelicans have a design that has yet to gain league approval so you'll have to wait a little longer to see that one.

Does this have anything to do with how the team will actually perform on the court? No. But here's the thing: this was a good plan and execution from the team as a whole.  We're not going to sit here and argue that this will directly translate into wins, solid play, exciting games or really anything tangible. However, it's another in a recent run of good decisions and implementations.

The court design was released months ago so we've known about this look for a while. But the team had a run of court release, uniform release, solid draft night, and another free agency splash putting together a nice little summer vacation. Good decisions and processes become habit, and I do think there is something to groups, teams, businesses, or whatever planning their work and working their plan. At the very least it's obviously better than bungling everything consistently.

Fans certainly hope this good line of thinking and decision-making will carry over success in actual games. Success is an attitude as well, and you have to start somewhere.

Check out the full list and breakdown of each court in the league here.