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NBA 2K released some Hornets ratings

The leading basketball video game, NBA 2K, released some of the Hornets' ratings Friday.


With less than a month before NBA 2K15 is released, the team over at 2K Sports has remained tight-lipped and leaks have been rare. However, they've released bits of information every week since early August, and a social media campaign that promised player ratings for Twitter follows has given us a handful of the Hornets' ratings.

67 - Jannero Pargo
71 - P.J. Hairston
72 - Jeffrey Taylor
72 - Noah Vonleh
73 - Marvin Williams
73 - Bismack Biyombo
73 - Cody Zeller
74 - Brian Roberts

NBA 2K15 promises a new rating system that better represents a player's value to a team by factoring in their roles. This is a significant change from previous titles, where all players were rated on the same scale, which often resulted in skewed and inaccurate ratings. An interview with production assistant Mike Stauffer explains the changes:

In 2K15 there are many different formulas that are calculated that will look at certain individual attributes with more weight than others to account for different player types. Of those formulas the highest Overall is selected.

With this in mind, how do you feel about the Hornets' ratings so far?