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Highlights from Rick Bonnell's chat with Steve Clifford

Rick Bonnell of The Charlotte Observer talked with Hornets coach Steve Clifford about a variety of topics ranging from adding another big man, Jeff Taylor, and just what to do with all those shooting guards.

Streeter Lecka

With not much to talk about in September, it's always nice to have things like a good interview to analyze. Otherwise you get things like me contemplating a Hornets haiku post, but now we don't have to do that! Anyway, The Charlotte Observer's Rick Bonnell sat down with Hornets coach Steve Clifford and posted the interview this morning. As always, click through and check it out for yourself, but here are some of my highlights.

  • Jeff Taylor has been in Sweden tending to a family emergency and has consequently missed out on the team's workouts so far. Apparently he is doing fine, medically, but we wish him all the best.
  • Rookie Noah Vonleh's injury could affect how much we see him once he returns from surgery after missing the preseason. Also, the team plays 18 games in November-- that's a lot. It feels like the NBA scheduling equivalent of going from zero-to-60.
  • Bonnell asks a great question: what do you do with four shooting guards? And like many of us, it's something the team tries to figure out on a regular basis. Expect to see some interchangeability from the wing positions.
  • Big man update: Clifford says that the team could add another big, but after praising Cody Zeller's offseason, Al Jefferson's health, and Marvin Williams' abilities, I could certainly see them rolling with what they have barring another hit to their frontcourt depth.

Those are just a few highlights, but there are a couple other tidbits on Brian Roberts and making "smart plays" that are definitely worth checking out. It's good to get an update of where things stand  now as training camp nears.