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Buzz Around The Web: Is Coach K getting a recruiting advantage?

In this week's Buzz Around The Web, we have the Hawks continuing ownership struggles, Coach K's recruiting advantages, and more.

David Ramos

It was a little slow nationally as far as Hornets links go, but we still got the rest of the NBA to salivate your basketball thirst.

Over in Atlanta, things continue to get worse with racism in their front office. Jason Walker of PeachTree Hoops writes an open letter to the Hawks organization saying it's Your move.

Chris Reichert of Ridiculous Upside wrote about how the NBA D-League is still the Land of Oppurtunity for NBA hopefuls.

Grantland got their hands on some poorly redacted NBA scouting reports. I'm pretty sure one of these is Luol Deng. Also, Jannero Pargo makes an appearance.

Zach Lowe wrote about some possible extension candidates and when Zach Lowe writes, we all read.

Tim Duncan is going to be in The Punisher comic and that is the most Tim Duncan thing ever.

Over at Yahoo! Sports, Adrian Wojnarowski wrote about why NBA teams need to pull their stars from Team USA, claiming it's used as nothing more than a recruiting advantage for coach Mike Krzyzewski.

Yesterday, Coach K angrily fired back at the Woj.

To send us off on a light note, over at The Friendly Bounce, The most obscure NBA jerseys on eBay. I think Sean Elliot's jersey might be misspelled.