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Asset countdown: Brian Roberts is out

After four days of voting, At The Hive's readers have decided that Brian Roberts is the least valuable remaining asset available to the Hornets.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We hardly knew ye, Brian.

After four days of voting, Brian Roberts led our poll with 52 percent of all votes, making him the least valuable asset remaining in our countdown. This was the largest margin of victory (loss?) yet, with Jeffrey Taylor placing second with 16 percent of the votes.

Roberts was signed as a free agent over the summer after playing 23.2 minutes per game for the New Orleans Pelicans in 42 starts last season. He was forced into the starting role when Jrue Holiday suffered a season-ending stress fracture in January, and proved himself to be a serviceable player at the point. He makes the right play more often than not and is by no means ball dominant, a trait rare amongst today's point guards. He's also an excellent shooter, evident in his career marks of 37.2 percent shooting from deep, and 92.9 percent from the line.

Roberts will likely back up the tireless and durable Kemba Walker this season, meaning his minutes will be largely dependent on Kemba's energy level and the score of the game. It's possible that we could see Roberts play alongside Walker from time to time to take advantage of both players' shooting abilities, but because both are fairly small (both are listed at 6'1"), this won't be a common occurrence. Still, Roberts will fill in nicely when Kemba needs a breather, and in the unlikely event that Kemba suffers an injury, Roberts will keep things going with excellent shooting and steady play.

Who's next?