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Rich Cho talks to media about Jeff Taylor

The Hornets have been very open about discussing Jeff Taylor, and today Rich Cho himself spoke.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

After learning about Jeff Taylor's arrest, one thing became very clear. The Charlotte Hornets were not going to stay quiet while due process took place. They have been very open with media and fans about how they are handling the situation. Very shortly after the announcement of the incident, the Hornets announced that Taylor was not going to participate in any team activities.

Today, at the Hornets media day, Rich Cho answered questions from the media on the situation. Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte observer wrote a quick summary on the press conference.

Cho reiterated that while the team was investigating into the matter, they still had to wait for the NBA's investigation to finish.

"We felt as an organization we it was important to react decisively and quickly. It was an organizational decision," Cho said at a news conference. "We worked with the NBA throughout this whole process.

"We take domestic violence as a very serious matter."

While the team is disappointed in Taylor, they also made it clear that they were going to wait for due process before making any final judgments on the situation.

"It's disappointing, but we just have to let it play out. Jeff is afforded his legal process."

Waiting for due process to take place is the right call by the Hornets. Jumping to conclusions on such a serious matter is not the way a professional organization would handle this. That said, the team hasn't stood around and done nothing. Removing Taylor from team activities, until due process is finished, was the correct thing to do. Charlotte fans have to be happy with how the team has handled a very difficult situation.

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