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Asset countdown: A second rounder we never knew

With Jannero Pargo gone, At The Hive has targeted the Hornets' second round pick as the team's least valuable asset in our first asset countdown.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

After three days of voting, the readers of At The Hive voted the Charlotte Hornets' 2015 second round pick as the least valuable asset available to the front office. It gathered 40 percent of all votes. Prior to the pick, journeyman point guard Jannero Pargo was voted off of the roster.

This decision is interesting. Yes, oftentimes a second round pick becomes a player with little staying power, but there have been absolute gems selected in the second round. Manu Ginobili, Carlos Boozer, Monta Ellis, Amir Johnson, and even the Hornets' own Jeffrey Taylor were selected in the second round of the NBA draft. It should be noted that these players are the exception, not the rule. A study done by 82 games found that players chosen past the 40th pick are "busts" or never play in the NBA more than 50 percent of the time.

And that's where the intrigue lies. Sure, there's a decent chance the Hornets' second round selection in the 2015 draft amounts to very little, but there's still a chance that they become serviceable NBA players. In recent years, NBA teams have become much better with their second round selections, often electing to choose prospects playing overseas, or players that project to become specialists.

We're down to 14 assets. Who's next to go?