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Hornets, Nets, Thunder discussing three-team trade

The Hornets and Nets have opened their talks up to include other teams.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets and Brooklyn Nets continue to discuss possible trades involving Lance Stephenson and Brook Lopez, and the most recent rumor, originally reported by Chris Broussard, involves the Oklahoma City Thunder. TNT's David Aldridge corroborated the report.

Re: proposed three-team trade talk reported by ESPN between Brooklyn, Charlotte & OKC (Brook Lopez to OKC, Jarrett Jack and Jeremy Lamb to Charlotte, Lance Stephenson to Nets): nothing imminent. Nets have many potential deals on the table and haven't made any decisions on which way they'll go.

- David Aldridge

As the trade above would involve the Thunder sending out $2.2 million and receiving $15.7 million while being $16 million over the cap, it wouldn't work with that structure. Reporters quickly caught hold of this and updated the rumors.

Well, yeah. However, even with Perkins being included in the deal, the Thunder would still be receiving roughly $750,000 more than allowed. Another player would need to be sent to either the Hornets or the Thunder. Grant Jerrett appears to be the only candidate that the Thunder would consider.

As the trade stands, the Hornets would need to waive a player, too. They'd have 16 players if this trade went through as reported, and 17 if they're the recipients of Jerrett.

Jack and Lamb would provide an immediate boost to Charlotte's offense, as both are capable 3-point shooters. Lamb gives the Hornets another young piece to build with, while Jack would provide veteran leadership.

Clearly, several details of this rumor need to be worked out, but this is where we're at.