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Buzz around the Web - Bizy dealing Lance?

Off the heels of a five game winning streak and a tough loss to the Spurs, it's Bismack Biyombo and Lance Stephenson grabbing all the headlines.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

It's been said, but Kemba Walker was great this week and he earned Eastern Conference Player of the Week honors for the second time of his career. He was close to scoring 30 points for six straight games, which would have been a Charlotte franchise record (Glen Rice had five in a row back in the day). If not for a tough fourth quarter against the San Antonio Spurs (3-10 from the floor and 0 assists), the Hornets might have reached a more important streak by winning six straight games.

Keeping with that same game, Bismack Biyombo had himself a third quarter to remember. He played so well that Gregg Popovich came out and said nice things about him. However Biyombo's great performance wasn't the only thing worth mentioning from this week. Dan Feldman over at NBC Sports wrote a great piece about Biyombo's new role on the Hornets and some of the adversity he's faced so far in his career. For those of you that love Biyombo (aka all of you), this is a must read.

In other news, Lance Stephenson made his return against the Spurs on Wednesday. Other than some poor free-throw shooting, he looked pretty good out there, especially with the second unit. Well, don't get comfortable with that because he might be on his way to Brooklyn. This bit of information may be stale by the time this article posts, but if not, expect a ton of articles tomorrow discussing hypothetical trades.

Now for some of the best tweets from the interwebz this week:

Hornets with Biz at center doing things defensively

Stats backing up Hornets early season tragedies

Biyombo is the best