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Buzz Around The Web: Jordan cries, Stephenson hates his bobblehead, and owners are predatory (Jan. 23)

Come one, come all. We have links!

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Welcome, readers.

There's no need for an introduction this week. This video speaks volumes.

Yes, that is Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan accepting an award for being awesome at business. And he's crying. Well deserved, sir. You've come a long way.

Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer posted a wonderful piece about the changes in the Hornets' playstyle when Al Jefferson was out. This is something we've talked about in recent weeks. It'll be interesting to see what happens when Jefferson's playing 30 minutes per game again.

Patrick Redford of VICE put together a harsh criticism of how NBA owners take advantage of the cities their teams represent, and suggests it's time owners put their money where the mouths are. With the figures Forbes released early this week, I'm very much behind this.

Lance Stephenson did not like his bobblehead. I agree, it doesn't look like him. It looks more like Chris Webber, personally.

This bubblehead do not look like me

Фото опубликовано @stephensonlance

Tom Ziller wrote a story about the rise of what he calls "situational stars", which is something I've been passionately pushing for years. Context is to important.

What did you guys find on the web this week?