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Charlotte Hornets at Cleveland Cavaliers Gamethread

The Hornets are on a tear and are looking to keep it up against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Hornets last game was against LeBron James now former team which used to be his new team. Now the Hornets are playing LeBron James new team which used to be his old team. Confused? You shouldn't be cause it's not THAT hard to understand.

The Hornets are currently playing some great basketball on the defensive side of the ball. Ever since Michael Kidd-Gilchrist's return from injury the team has just looked really good on that side of the ball. Now, they still need to fix the other side of the ball. The offense was supposed to take an upgrade this season, but it's arguably worse. The game against the Heat last week showcased that with some truly awful basketball on that end.

The Cavaliers meanwhile are starting to put some things together as well. LeBron James is healthy again, and he's returning to that dominant form he's notorious for. Does that mean the Hornets have no chance of winning? Well no, because the Cavs defense isn't very good.

It's a battle of great defense vs great offense and bad offense vs bad defense. So sit down, have a drink, eat some pizza, and lets chat Hornets.