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No Hornets named to the All-Star Team

No Jefferson or Walker among those named to fill out the rosters.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA announced the reserves for the All-Star Game today, and no Charlotte Hornets was named to the squad.

It is understandable and expected really. The team in general has underperformed for the majority of this year. The team's best bet for a spot in the All-Star Game, Kemba Walker, had surgery on his knee earlier this week and would not have been able to play in the game regardless. Al Jefferson is not having a good a season as he had last year, when he was robbed of a spot in the showcase. Lance Stephenson? Do I even really need to explain why he didn't make the squad?

As for the All-Star squads themselves, this is what they look like:



G: John Wall

G: Kyle Lowry

F: Lebron James

F: Carmelo Anthony

F: Pau Gasol


Jimmy Butler

Jeff Teague

Paul Millsap

Al Horford

Chris Bosh

Dwyane Wade

Kyrie Irving



G: Stephen Curry

G: Kobe Bryant*

F: Anthony Davis

F: Blake Griffin

F: Marc Gasol


Russell Westbrook

Kevin Durant

James Harden

LaMarcus Aldridge

Tim Duncan

Klay Thompson

Chris Paul

*Kobe Bryant is injured and will be replaced.

No Damian Lillard and no DeMarcus Cousins are surprises in the West, but chances are one of those two will replace Kobe on the roster. In the East, nice to see the Hawks get much deserved love and recognition. Yes, they are division rivals, but a team that is playing as well as the Hawks deserves as many players as possible to represent them in New York. Wade's hamstring may cause him to miss the All-Star Game, so there's still a chance the Hawks could have four players in the game.

If you were looking for an updated list of who is taking part in which events over the course of All-Star Weekend, don't worry. SB Nation has you covered.

So who do you think will win the All-Star Game? Any glaring omissions? Anyone who didn't deserve to make the team?