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BATW: Kemba Walker with a side of the other guys

Is Kemba Walker clutch? Who should the Hornets go after in trades? And MKG an All-Star in the near future?

"Yeah, I'm awesome and I know it."
"Yeah, I'm awesome and I know it."
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

This week's Buzz Around the Web heavily resembles the current day Charlotte Hornets: heavy on Kemba Walker. Walker has been playing on another plane of existence and has been carrying the team on his back over the past few games. I wanted to highlight one of the big plays he has made this week, but honestly cannot pick just one. So here's what I'll do instead: here's a link to's video section of their website. Search Kemba Walker's name and watch as many of his highlights as you want. In the meanwhile, I'll just leave his latest work of art right here...

The Elias Sports Bureau had a nice stat on Walker from the other night, as he joined a group that includes the likes of players named Durant, James and Westbrook.

Walker's three consecutive 30-point games matches the longest such streak by any player this season, joining Kevin Durant, LeBron James and Russell Westbrook.

While we are on the topic of Walker, Tom Ziller of SB Nation wrote a piece on Thursday on whether or not a. such a thing as 'clutch' exists and b. if Walker is indeed 'clutch.' It is a highly recommended read that looks at both sides of the equation, pointing out Walker's strengths and weaknesses and leading to a good conversation on whether or not there is such a thing as being clutch. I personally being in the clutch gene, but that's just me.

One final piece on the point guard: Charlotte Observer columnist Tom Sorensen wrote about Walker and the comeback that he led against the former Hornets franchise on Wednesday night, who notes how the team has brought in fans from other sports.

This was one of those shots that, no matter where you sat, you looked at the person next to you and yelled. Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis, who sat at courtside and earlier received a massive ovation and who is accustomed to fans reacting to him, reacted.

Remore here:

The Hornets' recent four-game winning streak means that the team could be buyers at the trade deadline instead of sellers. To that note, what players could the team could after? James Plowright of Queen City Hoops recently did a breakdown of 30-plus different players that Charlotte could go after. Among the players listed that I would love to see put on a Hornets' uniform: JJ Reddick (the Tar Heel fan in me just died), Tobias Harris, Jeff Green and Ryan Anderson. The piece is great and is your recommended read of the week.

The last article for this week comes from our friends at FanSided, where they are making a bold prediction about one Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Chris Piemonte says that MKG will be an All-Star in 2016.

Kidd-Gilchrist’s shot frees up the lane for him to drive as well. He is already above-average at scoring by the basket, particularly in traffic. With increased room after beating the defender off the dribble, his inside scoring will see an increase as well.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is an elite defender and one of the premiere hustle players in the NBA. With an additional offseason to fine-tune his shooting form, MKG is going to have a breakout season.

Last season, it was Kawhi Leonard. This season, it’s Jimmy Butler. Next season, it will be Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

MKG as next year's Jimmy Butler? Shoot, I'll take that in a heartbeat.