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Charlotte Hornets 2015-2016 season previews: Marvin Williams

Marvin Williams role has changed a lot in Charlotte, but he's still a consistency off the bench.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Marvin Williams has been plagued for the majorituy of his career by something that wasn't his fault. Drafted second overall, ahead of Chris Paul, Williams was never able to be the star player some envision for him. 10 years later, Williams has finally escaped his draft position and found a new role as a consistent stretch man off the bench.

Last year

Marvin Williams started off last season in the starting lineup, but a lack of results from that lineup with excellent play from Cody Zeller had Williams moved to a bench role rather than a starting one. Despite this, Williams continued to play a consistent brand of basketball that's not as easy to find as one might expect. He shot 35 percent from 3-point range, one of the few players in Charlotte to do well at this, and always played solid defense on the perimeter. Down low, his length and height made him a difficult matchup for many stretch big men across the NBA, but bigger players like Zach Randolph were able to overpower him.

Williams was unlikely to ever change the outcome of a game with his play, but he was a steady force off the bench that Charlotte could rely on. Needed someone to check Ryan Anderson? Marvin Williams could do it. Want a stretch four to run off the screen, and maybe get 10 points? Williams can do that too.

marvin williams 14-15 shot chart

Needs work

It's hard to find areas that Williams can improve on this late in his career, but if there's one thing he could work on it would probably be to have a greater focus on rebounding. Williams has never been someone to go after boards in his career, and a lot of this has to do with playing on the perimeter, and the personnel around him. With Kidd-Gilchirst gone however the Hornets have lost one of their best perimeter rebounders. Charlotte could find a lot of value in Williams if he could replace that production for them.

Will the real Marvin Gaye please stand up?

Marvin Williams nickname is Gaye. As in Marvin Gaye. His full name is Marvin Gaye Williams Jr. No seriously, go to Basketball-Reference, and right there clear as day shows that not only is his middle name Gaye, but his father's middle name is as well. Do you think the Williams family knew what they were doing, or that it's just a happy coincidence?


As long as fans keep their expectations of Williams to nothing more than a solid role player then they should be happy with him. He isn't going to go out there and set the NBA on fire with 3-point shooting, or force LeBron James to work for every bucket like MKG, but what Williams can do is give the Hornets a consistency. He will rarely give them less than what they're going to ask of him, and every team could use a player like that.