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Charlotte Hornets at Los Angeles Clippers early morning gamethread

Rise and shine Hornets fans! Grab your coffee cause it's time for Hornets basketball.

Danny La-USA TODAY Sports

Grab your coffee, cook up some eggs, and sit in front of your TV cause we got Charlotte Hornets basketball breakfast edition going down today. They're taking on the Los Angeles Clippers, once again, in China and this one is a little more friendly to those of us in the states. Well, those of us on the East coast. I feel bad for any west coast fans waking up for this one.

The Hornets have looked pretty good in preseason so far which is a nice sign, and we're starting to reach the point where we don't really care anymore and want to see them in some actual games that matter. There are still a few items worth noting however.

Jeremy Lin will be in the starting lineup today. He has played very well in preseason, and if he continues to play like this then he might be able to take the starting two guard spot over players like Jeremy Lamb and P.J. Hairston.

This is likely one of the last games where the Hornets main pieces will be playing major minutes. What the Hornets have seen out of Al Jefferson, Cody Zeller, Kemba Walker, etc are what they're going to get, and a few more meaningless games with them won't teach the coaching staff anything. Expect the second half of preseason to be heavily dominated by guys like Aaron Harrison, Elliot Williams, and other potential players trying to grab the 15th roster spot.

Today however is an exhibition meant to represent the NBA so expect some of the bigger names to still play a good handful of minutes, and hopefully it's a fun one.