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Charlotte Hornets at Detroit Pistons preview

The Charlotte Hornets take their undefeated record to the Palace in Auburn Hills to take on the Detroit Pistons.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Who: Charlotte Hornets at Detroit Pistons

When: 7:30 p.m. EST

Where: Palace of Auburn Hills

TV: Fox Sports Southeast, Fox Sports Detroit

*Some preseason games are not televised*

The Hornets are traveling to Detroit so they can take their undefeated record against the Pistons. It's hard to gain much value from preseason games at this point of the month, but we're going to try to do so anyways.

In Charlotte's last game Steve Clifford decided to give his players some real game level minutes instead of restricting players. This makes sense for him to test conditioning, and put his players in a semi-realistic game situation, but the results are hard to get a good gauge from. For example, based off preseason so far there's no reason the Hornets shouldn't play Jeremy Lin at the end of games, because of how well he's played. However, is this a case of preseason, or is Lin really a player they should rely on in the clutch? I'd like to believe that it's an indicator of what the regular season will be like, but in the end these games don't count all that much.

All of that said, the Hornets are really playing well so far, and don't be surprised if they continue to finish games with Kemba Walker, Jeremy Lin, Nicolas Batum, Marvin Williams, and Al Jefferson. Also don't be surprised if that completely changes come time for the games to count.

On the other side of things is the Detroit Pistons. This year's roster is very fitting to what Stan Van Gundy wants to create with his team, with a flurry of shooters, and a big man down low in Andre Drummond. Expect a lot of 3-pointers, a steady diet of pick and roll, with defense intended to drive the ball handler towards the middle. This will be an interesting test to see how the Hornets handle this kind of team.