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Charlotte Hornets undefeated preseason will change the NBA

The Charlotte Hornets are on their way to a potential undefeated preseason. This could change the NBA as we know it.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The building. The nerves are setting in. A buzz is building around Charlotte. History is on the line tonight, because the Charlotte Hornets undefeated record is at stake against the Indiana Pacers. The Hornets could win the NBA preseason championship if they get the job done in what Steve Clifford is probably telling his guys is a must win game. Charlotte isn't going to take this likely, because what they do could change the very fabric of the NBA. Do you know how many NBA teams have gone undefeated in the preseason? Probably only like as many as I can count on my hands. It's probably not that many. Either way, it would be a huge accomplishment, and the Hornets need to make t-shirts.

Why do they need to make t-shirts? Cause lets be honest here. Teams don't spend nearly enough time celebrating the little things in life. It's all about that big championship at the end of the season with the parade, t-shirts, and that DVD commercial they always show after someone wins. Does anybody actually buy those? Someone must by them right?

But what if NBA teams started celebrating all of their accomplishments? Preseason champions? Raise a damn banner! Went on a win streak? Make some t-shirts. Kemba Walker crossed over some fool? Give that man a trophy! Jeremy Lin will obviously be given his own ceremony celebrating his preseason MVP trophy, and be dubbed the greatest exhibition player ever.

This whole system where only one team gets to celebrate at the end of the season is completely unfair to the rest of the NBA. Only one team gets to win? That's no fun. Now imagine a world where everybody has a banner, trophy, or t-shirt for their accomplishments? Doesn't that sound so much better? The New York Knicks wouldn't have to be the joke of the NBA anymore! Remember that time Carmelo Anthony set a career high on the Bobcats? There should be a banner of that in Madison Square Garden celebrating it.

This is a new NBA. A better NBA. A progressive NBA. Gone are the dark days where everybody had to fight over accomplishment. Now, we can all find the joy of winning something in life. Join with me today. Get rid of this oppressive system where only one team gets to experience winning. When the Hornets win their game against the Pacers tonight they will fill the locker room with champagne as they celebrate their undefeated season. T-shirts will be worn, hats given out, and everything else that accompanies one of those overrated "NBA Championships". Except the DVD. Nobody buys the DVD.